Six Naked Pigs

May not be the most obvious title to spring to mind of one of the UK's most iconic and popular feature films ever produced:

But that was how "The Full Monty" was translated and advertised in China, by a not-quite-truly-bilingual translator; as for the Mandela Memorial sign language translator . . . .

Both are extreme examples, maybe; but the economical growth in Germany continues in most industries generally - and in the exhibition and conference sector in particular, remaining the only stable one in Europe at the moment, making attention to detail imperative.

So - any claims from interpreters or translators that they are "fluent" should be treated with caution. It is a rare skill to have full understanding and proficiency. This can only be claimed by persons who live in both countries for years. Any translation performed and contributed world-wide by educated, respected linguists is normally acceptable; and while accuracy is imperative, most companies can 'absorb' a moderately-sized financial mistake.

BUT an incorrect translation i.e. in the Pharmaceutical Sector, can be fatal. Literally.

Less crucial, but still removing parts of the intense enjoyment of reading translated classics, is a great shame and does a grave injustice to the author. Occasionally the blurb gives an insight on the actual contents, commonly known as "blind idiot" translation, such as: 'do not take while consuming alcohol or impregnation heavy machinery'. The web is full of anecdotal funnies, but if you are trying to do serious business, attention to detail can make or break a deal.

I know this only due to being truly fluent in both German and English, being a native German but have lived and worked in the UK for over 30 years, with frequent assignments in both countries. It makes me truly "bi" lingual, including Double Entrendre, distinctive colloquial phraseology - but still totally, utterly unable to translate jokes!